About Services

  • With professionalism and efficiency, our teams provide a wide range of support services, ranging from hot and cold beverage service to inventory tracking and recommendations to event set-up and waste collection and sorting.
  • We offer inspection and verification services, testing and assessment, and also training to maintain hygiene standards and cognizant of procedures in the unlikely event of contamination.
  • We recognise that beverage and office support must be polite but invisible, so our team is regularly trained in procedure, etiquette and presentation skills.
  • Our specialists have experience of every scenario and understand the importance of meeting regulatory standards and strictly following guidelines.

Services Offered

  • Butler Services
  • Chef Services
  • Steward Services
  • Catering Services

Our Measures Against COVID-19?

  • WHO Recommended Protective Gears :
    Our executives will enter your home/office, only after wearing WHO recommended protective gears, covering there whole body.
  • Safety Measures :
    Our executives are trained on all safety measures as per WHO guidelines and use sanitized equipment & tools.
  • Daily Temperature Check :
    Our executive will be checked for temperature everyday.
  • Arogya Setu APP :
    Our executives will display their status in their Arogya Setu app before entering your premises.